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Winter Maintenance Program
November 1 - March 31st

The Calgary area is different than most Canadian climates as our

temperatures and volume of snow can change dramatically in hours

and is highly unpredictable.  As the saying goes, "If you don't like

the weather, wait 5 minutes". Xcel Landscape Services has taken that saying to heart and truly understands the need to be versatile in the Calgary area. Xcel has a wide variety of equipment ready to go at a moment's notice and operates 24hrs a day

during the winter to remove snow and reduce ice build-up. Xcel also maintains its own in house service shop, ensuring zero down time.

Xcel also understands each site it maintains has its own unique concerns, risks, general practices and expectations. Xcel provides

a Winter Maintenance Program unique to each site it maintains. The program is designed to identify, record, and reduce potential safety hazards, along with addressing problem areas unique to each site (such as increased drifting in one area over another). Xcel assesses each site prior to the winter month, each and every time on site and a recap at the end of the season. The program allows Xcel to be cost effective, time efficient and reduce the safety risk for its customers.

Xcel customizes a Winter Maintenance Program to best suit your properties needs. Xcel offers both call out service and full management services. The services can include the following, but not limited to:

  • Plow Service    • Skid Steer Service    • Loader Service    • Sidewalk Clearing    • Sidewalk de-icing    • Ice Management   

  • Snow Relocation    • Parking Lot Sanding    • Snow Management


• Blizzard Power Plows: 10 point hydraulic plows; 20% increased manoeuvrability and efficiency over standard plows
• Skid steers:  Equipped with versatile snow buckets; ability to scrape, scoop, back blade and pile snow
• Loaders and JCB rubber tire backhoes: Equipped with large snow buckets for large properties and parking lots
• Blizzard sanding units: Applies pickle mix evenly across parking surfaces to ensure adequate traction and reduce ice buildup
• Snow blowers: Removes heavy snow off of sidewalk surfaces and followed up with a sweeper
• Snow sweepers: Removes snow to concrete surfaces
• Pack blowers: Removes trace amounts of snow during light snow falls
• Ice melt applicators: Spreads ice melt product evenly to sidewalks to ensure maximum coverage