Example of an installation on a new home. Weeds were removed, new soil added to ensure proper depth and new sod installed.

Benefits of a Healthy Lawn
• Releases oxygen and cools air
• Absorbs as much carbon dioxide as trees
• Reduces storm water runoff
• Reduces dust
• Erosion control
• Reduces weed growth
• Improves value to your home
• Provides safe playing area for children

Sod Preparation, Sod Installation & Lawn Repair

Are you considering installing a new lawn or repairing an old one? There are many factors to consider to ensure a healthy lawn, such as soil conditions, drainage, grade, moisture, lighting and shade conditions. If it is a new home you may also be considering where to plant trees and shrubs or install hardscapes, such as paving stones.

Our professionals have the experience and knowledge to help you plan, design, repair an existing lawn or install a new long lasting healthy lawn.

Benefits of Sod over Seed
• Sod requires less water to establish than seeding
• Seed can take 2 - 3 weeks to germinate
• Seed has a limited germination season
• Sod can be installed any time from spring to fall
• Sod reduces weed growth over seed
• Instant gratification

Example of yard that lacked proper soil depth and was only 8 years old. Old lawn was removed and new soil was added to ensure the new lawn had ample depth for a healthy root system.

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Example of a yard damaged from dog urine and repaired in 1 day. 2.5" of lawn and soil was removed and new PH balanced soil and sod was installed to ensure contaminated soil would not damage the new sod.